Willing to move to Europe?

Greece’s Golden Visa offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to enter Europe for a relatively low investment, while taking advantage of the currently decreased prices of real estate within Greece.

The golden visa programme applies to all non-EU citizens who purchase a property in Greece of a total net value of minimum 250.000 euros. The holders of the Greek Golden Visa are offered Residency (excluding work rights) for all family members (children up to 21 and parents), with no minimum stay (but residency must be renewed after 5 years), with no requirement to live in the country and gain free access to education, medical services and movement to other Schengen countries. After 7 years, investors are eligible for a Citizenship, if they are able to demonstrate cultural or personal ties to the country and speak basic Greek.

Greece sits at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa and prides itself on its long tradition of hospitality and welcoming trade amongst travellers and migrants to Schengen zone.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise needed for the successful admission of non-EU applicants in the Golden Visa Program. We are here to find you the right property and support you legally, and not only, in every step of the process.